(my sunny Algarve)

Some pics from a sunny sunday a few weeks ago:


I've always lived in the Algarve but it never ceases to amaze me, specially in Spring; the sea, the white walls, the bright colours...
It's very hot today. Looking at these pictures is refreshing.


  1. E eu a pensar que eras do Alentejo... Lindas fotos!

  2. Ora, já eu sempre pensei que vocemecei era ali do furadoire, ou do picalte... eheheh! Olha hoje ainda tá pior... aqui no escritório já começa a parecer uma disco africana!

  3. I wish I could be there :) Did you get my parcel ????? Big hugs !

  4. Bon dia
    come esta
    we normally go to stay with my husband's parents who live in Azeitao just south of Lisbon, but we have friends who live near the algarve and go down there for a couple of days and it is certainly beautiful (except the English tourist places!!! DOH)
    The light in the evening is stunning and I enjoy being there very much.