(blues, brooches and necklaces)

In case you haven't noticed I changed my template look. I'm in the mood for blues lately, I want to make blue jewelry, I want blue walls, blue clothes... so I made my blog blue. I've been wanting to make some changes for long, but I just couldn't figure how to make them. To tell you the true, I think a little html fairy guide through this, because I don't understand a thing about html, it's was pure luck. Lucky day I guess. About this new look I specially like the little bee on the sidebar and I'm pretty satisfied with the the new logo (on the right top) too.
Here's a new brooch wich reminds me of a star fish:

And a new necklace:

(Notice that the necklace is made of pink, white and green materials, the background is still BLUE)

Last saturday was a fantastic day. We went to Ikea to buy the kitchen cabinets, a closet and lamps for our new house amog other little things. The fantastic thing about it was that Portugal was playing (football) with Iran that day and Ikea was making a discount to everyone who shopped during the game. We managed to pay all the stuff during the game and with the discount ticket we still got two of these and one of these.


  1. Parabéns pelo novo look, está muito bonito, como seria de esperar ;) Felicidades


  2. Giríssimo!! gostei muito parabéns

  3. Ola
    Did you go to the Ikea near lisbon?
    I can't wait to get over there, my husband's parents live in Azeitao and we go for 3 weeks in the summer and a week at christmas. I am really in the mood to go now.
    My daughter Lucia and I saw a programme on the telly a little while ago and they were showing tourists painting tiles in Belem and so we are going to see if we can find that because we both want to try to paint a tile.....
    and I am reading the new book called Alentejo Blue and am going to check out if the village exists, and then maybe we could go visit there as well. And then the Hairy Bikers were doing their cookery show from Portugal the other day and they were at the place which has all the bones, and I would like to visit there as well. (We try to at least have a few plans each time we go, so we don't just hang out under the vines all the time eating crab and drinking beer - yum yum)
    anyways, I've been reading your blog and I love your jewellery.