(gray/black wednesday)

I missed White monday and Brown tuesday, but today I'm joining the Color Week (by Stephanie and Mav). I took this photograph very early in the morning , just before I left the house.

(i used Memorial do Convento - Baltasar and Blimunda in the english version - by José Saramago, as a background)

In case you are wondering what these grey things in the photo are, they are little pieces of carved rock from Odeceixe beach (my favourite beach, by the way). We went there two weeks ago and P. spent almost the whole afternoon carving them (lots of fun!).

It has been cloudy around here (it even rained last night), but a few rays of light were entering the kitchen through the window and created these shadows wich are perfect for grey/black theme.

When I finished shooting this I had fifteen minutes left, so I spent them photographing these new items:

(the brooch in the right with the white and red trim is made with a piece of tile from my under construction house, see more photos at Flickr)

And, finally, the finished book case, another item to include in my Finish What You Have list.

(more photos at Flickr)


  1. pedreira guerreiro, sempre ao seu dispôr

    instalações em odeceixe, funciona aos domingos e feriados

  2. all those wonderful shades of gray. Great job!

  3. e a minha indimenização por acidentes de trabalho provocados por homens sapiens sapiens?? Ninguém fala disso, pois não?

  4. Está a linda a tua capa para livros! Tão "marítima"! Assim dá ainda mais vontade de levar um bom livro para a praia!